Vitto - Consulting for the win!

One day in 2017 I was preparing to go to work when a chat screen popped up into my mobile screen. It was a friend of mine, introducing me to more two other guys.

They were run Vitto, a restaurant delivery management system, and told me they were under attack on the previous day, and the common friend was recommending me as someone who could help them out.

At the time, they were not under attack anymore, and I agreed to talk to their CTO on the next day morning. During that call, I noticed they had too much ec2 instances, but could not find any big structural mistake, and gave some general clues about securing a product on the cloud.

On the next day, their COO phoned me directly at 7:00 PM. They said they were under attack again, and needed help. I spent that night at their headquarters until we could calm down things. A short time after that day I started a consulting job for them. They said the would like someone like me to be a pair of their CTO, and shared some business goals.

We started with a big review of their applications, architecture and infra. Then we elaborated a roadmap of issues and actions. We eliminated first the pain points, reduced costs auditing the infrastructure, and stabilized the system as a whole. We get rid of the urgent things, so that we could focus on the important ones.

I used all my experience to help them. Some issues demanded some readings. Some issues demanded coding and low level OS and networking knowledge. Some issues required previous steps to produce useful information to make decisions, like adding and analyzing telemetry systems.

We are still making lots of progress in their products development, and I need to say they are one of the best jobs I had for many different reasons. The feeling after each session, of using all my experience to produce results, is awesome. We are way above their initial business expectations when they hired me. The system has a bigger capacity, a smaller cost, and they are shipping features faster and safer, with less bugs.

Would you like that too? Hire me!