Cases - Vitto - Consulting on Cloud, Management and Software Architeture

== Vitto - Consulting on Cloud, Management and Software Architeture ==

Vitto started as a funny story. A friend in common asked my help for the Vitto guys, saying that they were under attack on the night before. As they were not under attack, we agreed that I would take a look into it in the next day morning.

The next morning I took one hour revising the major points. They looked good, with minor adjustments to be made, with just one observation that they should be using less EC2 machines for the load they had - but this was pure guts, as I didn't profile their application yet.

In that same day at night they called me again. They had hundreds of machines and system was still out, when they used to run with something like 20-30 machines. I was leaving my daily job and they picked me up right there to their office. I called my wife telling to not wait me for dinner. I came home passed midnight. But we managed to solve the issues temporarily.

I helped them a more couple of times before we agreed on a regular basis consulting service. And since back then I'm involved with their products.

We did a lot of things there. From profiling code, to implement tests, CI/CD pipelines, improved management process and development practices, to architectural changes.

I must confess this is the best job I have. Once they have thousands of clients there are no easy issues and the delivered value is always high.