About me

People love be successfull. To be more productive. To feel smart. To reach the next stage.

I love to use all my expertise to help people achieve all that. I enjoy to learn and to teach. I like to see how I can help people growth.

I do that in many different ways. Parenting. Leading technology teams. Consulting to startups and scaleups. Advising about management practices. Implementing innovations.

I'm not your typical nerd. I do not need glasses. I'm not Star Wars or Harry Potter fan. I do not hush to buy the latest gadgets. Instead my interests are sort of:

  • Information Technology
    • software engineering
    • cloud software architecture
    • data science
    • machine learning
    • quality assurance
    • software testing
    • penetration testing and ethical hacking
    • performance tuning
    • BDD
  • (Agile) Management and Methodologies
    • design sprint
    • design thinking
    • squads
    • business agility
    • business requirements gathering and analysis techniques
  • Soft sciences
    • philosophy, ethics and moral
    • behavioral economics
    • cognitive psychology
    • 21st century education (3R, 4C) and homeschooling
  • Other
    • rugby union
    • running / jogging
    • working out
    • going out with my family

I always try to bear in mind that not every homo is sapiens. And that it is okay to change my mind about anything, because it is usually a sign that I've learned something new, and this is one of those things that keep us apart from chimps.

Davis Peixoto