The Hive Rollout - Business Success Commitment

At Mirum Agency - a global digital media agency - I'm on a team responsible for developing their internal platform for controlling contracts, jobs, people time sheets, schedules, reporting, etc.

This is a big platform to say the bare minimum and we've faced many challenges to make it happen and be successful.

The chosen country for the pilot was United States, and as any pilot implementation, it was full of issues during the user acceptance phase. Another big challenge, perhaps the biggest one, was to migrate all the data from their legacy system to the new system with different data models. It took more than one month to map everything, and more than another month to test and fix until we get it right.

A decisive success factor was sending us - me and other two colleagues - to USA. Our mission was clear: make the rollout be successful. This included a lot of hours put going into people's table, seeing the issues in loco, solving the issues, deploying and UATing that again with the same user or even training the users.

The toughest challenge was to set right the reports values, like yearly revenue taken, yearly expenses and so on. This was specially difficult because the legacy system had its own bugs too, so we need to make the business rules crystal clear - at this point my experience with software test and quality assurance played a major role -, make sure we implemented them right, and checked where was the bug - and confirm/prove that - on the legacy system when values diverged. As you might expected, a lot of friction arose from these discoveries, but at the end of the job, we made it happen successfully.

Without that effort and commitment, we would probably lose a multi million dollar project, or lag the entire USA operation.

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