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== Mirum Agency ERP Rollout ==

Mirum Agency, a multinational giant in the digital marketing sector, was born as a union of many agencies under the same label. Each agency used to have its own controls. For better control data unification, a new system for all of them was needed.

They took the most profitable agency model and system, and we adapted this into the Brazil agency system which had the best audit trail and authorization model among all agencies.

The former system, built at San Diego, CA unit was written in Cold Fusion and MySQL. The Brazilian system was built upon an unusual PHP and Oracle. I was responsible for the data integration and migration and also for part of coding.

The first year and a half was really challenging, specially after the implementation into San Diego's office. I had to take a few trips to San Diego's office, and sit side by side with users (account managers, financial department folks, human resources, and a lot of others) in order to understand and fix all sorts of bugs. Most of them due to unwritten requirements and minor improvements.

My team and I had to fix and build all sorts of things. From query performance, data consolidation procedures, develop tons of new reports, we improved our delivery pipeline implementing CI/CD with Jenkins and automated tests in Ghost Inspector.

Then we entered a nice product phase, with regular builds and deliveries, with a more mature framework. In this meanwhile, we rolled out to Brazil, Mexico and Singapore. After this, we changed the stack as the same time we increased the team.

The work used to be remote as the team was scattered among a few cities - São Paulo, Curitiba, San Diego and Seattle. But this new phase added Ciudad del Mexico, Buenos Aires and München. Things were really remote across the globe.

The new stack was Java on Spring Boot + MySQL + VueJS. New cool frontend and faster backend. I saw this implemented on a few agencies before I left Mirum Agency to a new challenge.