Cases - Lojas KD - Boosting Order Approvals

== Lojas KD - Boosting Order Approvals ==

Whenever you are scaling a business you need to decide what to automate and what hold for now and just add one or two more people. The anti-fraud and order approvals team at Lojas KD was on the later option for a long time, except by the integration of anti-fraud vendors.

The effort from that team was directly related to the orders volume, and as the company grew in numbers, their effort also needed to increase. The biggest problem was that we were one of the first stores that accepted a plethora of payment types. Each payment type had its own verification and consolidation process and timing.

And the admin panel was, to say the least, unhelpful and really hard to change without side effects. The orders' approval team need to open all orders from a list to check if payment type was matching the current consolidation they were processing at that time.

So we were facing a low hanging fruit. It wasn't easy to change the process, but even within the technological, time and budget limitations, we were able to change the game.

We implemented a filter for listing orders. As well as adding a new column in the orders list, with the payment type.

Only these two simple changes optimized the processes, and let the team focus on what matters more, as such anti-fraud verification. This is innovation and business scalability on its purest form.

The important outcome: everybody was happier now. This story illustrates how even within constraints, we can change the game and make everybody win.