Cases - Kenzie Academy - How I build and shape it

== Kenzie Academy - How I build and shape it ==

I reach that point on my career I would like to build something bigger and make a major impact on people's life. That's when Kenzie Academy Brasil enters the stage.

I was the first person hired in Kenzie Academy Brasil. The co-founders needed a senior developer, who liked to code AND had management skills enough to bring the idea to life.

From the day one I was commited to do whatever it takes to make this project successful. The office was still under construction, we worked into a very small, windowless, room in a coworking in the back of a restaurant.

I was responsible for creating their AWS account. Installing the LMS (Learning Management System). Translate material, videos curatorships, review other translations. Talked to american team in order to get the Kenzie way right here. Hired the facilitadors and instructors of other modules, as I was responsible for the first one. I also brewed tons of coffee to students, ran satisfaction surveys, took the trash out, installed mirrors on the toilets, participate on marketing campaigns and events, ran a vlog on youtube...

I basically entered a place without even AWS account, and help to build and train thousands of students and over four hundred of collaborators by myself.

I'm really grateful for that opportunity to make a difference in so many people's lives and to exercise almost all the knowledge I accumulated during my entire career.